FREE WEBINAR: Thyroid, Autoimmune + Fatigue on August 16 at 7 PM

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Too often, we're told to "take a pill" or "learn to accept this is part of getting older." But there are more natural approaches to your thyroid disorder, hormone imbalance, or complex autoimmune condition. And half of the battle is understanding what's really going on inside your body.


Tune in to this live webinar event by Sarah Treat, Nutritionist to uncover a more holistic approach to healthcare!


In this webinar, we will discuss:

- Thyroid disorders

- Hashimoto's and Grave's disease

- Adrenal Fatigue

- Autoimmune conditions like Celiac, Lupus, Endometriosis, MS, or another disorder


We will also discuss common triggers of thyroid imbalances and autoimmunity, look at potential underlying causes of these disorders, and explore more natural alternatives for calming the imbalance system and restoring balance.